Look at all that Canadian Tire money!

Look at all that Canadian Tire money!

I can do that?! I can't even get an american visa because im a graphic designer (freelancer) and that means i don't have a solid income i guess. Can i go to canada and just apply for a job there? i'll check the site, thanks so much.

I think you can apply for a temporary work visa as long as you can prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself for the time the visa is valid… but yeah, the website explains everything. Good luck! :)

I really want to move to canada. I'm mexican, my girlfriend is american though. Any advice?

I think it’s much easier to come to Canada as a Mexican than to the US… it was pretty easy applying for a visa and everything. You can check out the Canadian Immigration website for more info about it. :) I think it’s easier to come here under a temporary visa first and then apply for permanent residence after a few years. 

I miss milk that looks like this and costs this little :(

I miss milk that looks like this and costs this little :(

Officially been living in Canada for 6 months. :)

Time to apply for a work permit and Social Insurance Number!

The real University is a state of mind.
Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (via notasirememberit)
Me: I'm from Michigan
Canadian: What province is that in?
walks into chair
me: sorry
Wait... they don't call them pencil crayons everywhere? Well this is news. I hope you're liking things up here :)

No haha. I do like it here thanks!

Hey there, I just found your blog and it is so funny! I'm really looking forward to your posts. - much love from the Toronto Suburbs :)

Thank you!